We are located at Bayford Boarding Kennels in the countryside outside a small village called Bayford in Hertfordshire. We are easy to find as we are on the same road as Paradise Wildlife Park which is signposted from the A10. We are 10 minutes or less from Hertford, Broxbourne, Hoddesdon, Potters Bar and Brookmans Park.

The SAT NAV systems send you a mile up the road to a nursery and hydrotherapy centre but please continue on (if coming from Newgate Street) until you reach the big green sign of Scissor and Suds Pet Grooming.

Unfortunately, the salon does not have it's own reception area.  If the front gates are shut; use the buzzer and someone will open them.  If the gates are open; park in the drive and walk down the hill and the salon is on the left handside of the metal gates.  Do NOT open any gates as there are often dogs running loose.  Someone will appear shortly to assist and if they don't please phone 07799 233 836!

Bayford Boarding Kennels and Cattery,
White Stubbs Lane,
SG13 8QA