How regularly shall I bring my dog along?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer to this but approximately every 6 weeks. It depends on the individual dogs coat and condition. Generally; if your dogs coat has a strong “doggie” smell, it feels greasy to touch or its hair is too long to cope with it's ready for a wash and groom. Dogs can be bathed weekly if a ph balanced shampoo is used.

Will a photo of my dog be used on your website or any other marketing materials?

Possibly...we take photos of our work and will add it to various marketing materials and websites where we have control of the content.  If you would not like us to photograph your pet please let us know and we will ensure no photos are taken.

Will my dog/cat enjoy its' experience?

Most pets love their pamper time and enjoy coming to the salon. Unfortunately, there are some pets that no longer or never have enjoyed going to the groomers for a variety of reasons. We do everything in our power to make your animal as comfortable and relaxed as possible. We handle each case individually and provide extra “tlc” in order to help overcome any fears. If you have concerns about your animal please phone us to discuss the issue and we’ll see if we can find a strategy to overcome any fears.

What should I do in between appointments?

Regular brushing in-between visits is essential for all dogs and especially so for those wiith medium to long length hair in order to remove dead coat and avoidmatting.  Check for irregularities such as new lumps and bumps and pay special attention to eyes, ears and feet and don�t forget to check the pads.


Dogs with medium/longer length coats require more brushing.  When there are matts in the coat and the coat gets water it becomes harder to remove the knots.  If your dog is regularly wet and/or bathed then it is important it is brushed through whilst wet/damp. Wet/damp hair is more flexible and less likely to break.  Whenever possible try not to cut the matts out as the skin can easily be caught in the scissors and it creates holes in the dog’s coat. We have the latest tools to handle most situations so leave it to us.

My pet is overdue and matted.

It’s important our pets receive regular grooming but we all live busy lives and sometimes we just don't have the time for everything. The longer you leave it; the worse it gets so make an appointment today.  We will not judge or chastise you but we may ask for extra money and then try and agree a grooming routine that works for you and the dog.

Matts can pull and iritate the skin, breed bacteria and in severe cases it can restrict a dog's movement.  We do our very utmost not to cause discomfort whilst removing matts. We will not prioritise beauty over pain when it comes to de-matting and if we feel the least painful route is to shave the dog short we will discuss this with you in advance.  This often results in an undesirable very short trim.  It may not be the greatest style afterwards but at least it’s a happy pet and once the hair has grown back it can be styled appropriately.

I think my dog has fleas.

Fleas can be picked up anywhere and will stay on your animal unless treated appropriately. This year has been particularly bad and some flea treatments are not working.  Consult your vet for advice and appropriate action to be taken.

We are able to wash your dog in a flea shampoo which should kill the fleas on your pet.  When you make your appointment pre-warn us that your dog may have fleas. We will arrange for your dog to be bathed as soon as it arrives at the salon so there is no contact with any others. We will bathe your dog in a flea killing shampoo and leave it to soak for 10 minutes.  There is an additional fee of £10 for flea shampoo.

Whilst your dog is in the salon with us; spray your entire house and car with household flea killer and put your dogs bed on a hot wash.  Unless your house is also treated the fleas will quickly return.

If we identify fleas on your dog during the grooming process we will use flea killing shampoo. A charge of £15 is applied for flea treatment and extra cleaning expenses.

My dog is nervous and/or aggressive.

Dogs are fight or flight animals and aggression is often caused by fear. We can work with you and your dog to try and help them overcome their fears through desensitisation.

From what age shall I bring my dog?

After your pet has finished its vaccination course we welcome puppies to visit the salon for puppy play or a wash and brush.  We tend not to trim a dogs coat until around 20 weeks but each case is individually assessed.  It is important a puppy's first trim is calm and enjoyable and therefore a very light tidy can normally be achieved first time.  Similar to children, puppies have a very short attention span and we cannot expect a puppy to stand quietly on a grooming table first time.  It takes patience, time and training until a dog will happily stand still on a grooming table and until then your puppy may not be perfectly styled.  We aim to have your dog trained for its grooming experience by visit 4 but all dogs learning abilities vary.

I am not happy with the style of my pet?

Let us know if you're not happy with your pet's trim so we can change it there and then or so we know for next time. We're very approachable and want to hear your views. Only by talking to us can we know what you do or don't like. We may trim to the breed standard but maybe that doesn't suit your lifestyle so let us know. Don't be afraid to tell us what you want.  We welcome photos of styles you like and it'll depend on the dog and it's coat as to whether it can be achived.  We'd prefer to know than lose your business.

My dog is old and can't stand for long periods.

We work with animals of all ages and physical conditions. If your pet has trouble standing we can adjust their grooming experience. We can give them extra rest periods, use clippers instead of scissors, use a belly strap which may help to alleviate the weight on the back legs or just let them lie down on the table for longer.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

Yes, all pets should be kept up to date with their vaccinations.  We do not insist on the kennel cough vaccine but if it is given it should be 3 weeks before they come to the salon as it is a live virus. They should also be regularly wormed and treated for fleas. Please consult your vet for advice.

My dog has a prescriptive shampoo or can I bring my own.

No problem at all.  If you're vet is happy with the shampoo then we are.  We understand that some dogs require specialist shampoo so bring it along to the salon and we’ll use it.

Should I feed my dog before bringing it to the salon?

If your dog doesn't get car sick there is no reason why your dog can't be fed before coming to the salon but please do allow them time to go to the loo before getting in the car.

Should I exercise my dog before bringing it to the salon?

Yes, your dog should have been taken for a walk and had the opportunity to empty itself.

How long will it take and should I wait?

The time it takes will depend on what breed you have. A short haired dog will take approximately one and a half hours to complete. A long haired dog will be 2 hours plus. Unfortunately, we do not have any facilities for waiting as the salon is only small.  We can arrange a time for collection when the dog is dropped off or we can text or phone you once your dog is or nearly is finished.